Prospective Student Application Workshops / Talleres de ayuda extra en las solicitudes para Breakthrough

Dates: February 16th, 17th and 18th 

Time: 5:30-6:30 pm each day (these events are optional for students or parents who would like more support on their applications)

Place: Breakthrough Application Workshop (video call)

                       Meeting ID: 816 0552 9834
                       Passcode: 278436
                       Dial by your location:  +1 346 248 7799 US


Fechas: El 16, 17 y 18 de febrero

Hora: de 5:30-6:30 pm cada día (estos eventos son opcionales para estudiantes o padres quienes desean más apoyo en sus solicitudes)

Lugar:  Breakthrough Application Workshop (videollamada)
                       Meeting ID: 816 0552 9834
                       Passcode: 278436
                       Para entrar por teléfono:  +1 346 248 7799 US

A Breakthrough Summer to Remember: Summer 2020 Update

In May, we made the difficult choice to plan for a virtual Breakthrough summer program; for the first time, our young, college-aged teachers would be working from their homes all over the country. For Breakthrough, like for many of us, 2020 has been both a challenging and creative time. Admittedly, we were worried about whether we could replicate the culture and warmth of Breakthrough in an online format. But after watching our students and teachers run around their houses to find objects for a virtual scavenger hunt during our first week Olympics, and seeing our 8th grade students don their lab goggles to perform at-home chemistry experiments, we know that, even virtually, Breakthrough’s joy and spirit continues. 

Each morning, our students started their days with Breakfast with Breakthrough, where they met on Zoom with their advisors and other students in their advisories to play online ice breaker games before heading to their academics. In class, our students still raced to finish math problems and hold up whiteboards with their answers, wrote historical essays, read novels, and gained or fostered their varied interests in their elective classes such as Ancient Greek, Korean Culture, and Activism Throughout History. Breakthrough students continued to learn, take risks, and have fun this summer, even in “cyberspace.” Check out some of what our students had to say about their summer at Breakthrough: 

  • Ana Karen, 8th grade: “Breakthrough is important to me because it gives you countless opportunities to meet incredible new people that you can learn from.” 
  • Angie, 7th grade: “Breakthrough is a place where I can learn and connect with my classmates, and it is like a second family to me.” 
  • Jazzy, 7th grade: “Breakthrough is a place where I can be myself and celebrate my differences with others and have fun learning, and that’s to say the least. At Breakthrough, I pushed myself to learn and do new things that I didn’t think I could do.”
  • Giselle, 8th grade: “A risk that I took this summer is studying through the computer. At first it was really hard, but now I am able to do it perfectly fine, and it will help in the future when we enter school.”
  • Josue, 8th grade: “This summer, I opened up to my teachers and advisory, and I was able to do that because I felt safe and comfortable.” 

Because Breakthrough was virtual this summer, we were able to capture and curate footage from our program and summer Celebration. We hope you’ll take this opportunity to peek inside the world of Breakthrough that is usually closed off to the camera!

COVID-19 and Breakthrough Santa Fe

Dear Breakthrough Students and Families:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Breakthrough Santa Fe will be cancelling our March 28 Super Saturday and postponing Class of 2021’s college visit to Colorado. All Breakthrough staff will be working from home but will be reachable by phone and email as usual. 

For those of you in tutoring, Marvin will contact you the week of March 23 to inform you of our digital tutoring plan.

As of now, our April and May Super Saturdays, Orientation, and our Summer Program are still on. We will be following the guidelines and closures of the CDC, NM Health Department, Santa Fe Public Schools, and Santa Fe Prep. 

Estimados estudiantes y familias de Breakthrough:

Por causa de la pandemia COVID-19, Breakthrough Santa Fe está cancelando nuestro súper sábado del 28 de marzo y posponiendo la visita a Colorado para los estudiantes de clase 2021. Todos los empleados de Breakthrough trabajarán en casa pero se nos puede contactar por teléfono o correo electrónico.

Para alumnos en el programa de tutoría, Marvin les contactará la semana del 23 de marzo para informarles sobre un plan para continuar las tutorías por la red.

En este momento, no tenemos planeado cancelar ni los súper sábados de abril y mayo, la orientación, ni nuestro programa del verano. Vamos a seguir las reglas y recomendaciones del CDC, el departamento de salud de NM, SFPS, y la Santa Fe Prep.   

Breakthrough Student Recruitment Presentations/Presentaciones para nuestras futuras familias

6th grade families, come learn about Breakthrough and how to apply. Familias con estudiantes en el grado sexto, venga para aprender más sobre Breakthrough y cómo solicitar al programa.

All presentations start at 5:30pm. Todas las presentaciones empiezan a las 5:30 de la tarde.

January 23/23 de enero – Ortiz
January 27/27 de enero – Piñon
January 28/28 de enero – Nina Otero
January 29/29 de enero – EJ Martinez
January 30/30 de enero – Nava
February 3/3 de febrero – Chaparral
February 4/4 de febrero – Turquoise Trail
February 5/5 de febrero – Gonzales