Who is Breakthrough for?

Breakthrough is for motivated sixth grade students who are passionate about learning and want to get a head start in preparing for college.

How much does it cost?

Nothing.  Breakthrough Santa Fe is a completely free program.

Who are the teachers?

Enthusiastic, devoted college and high school students!  At Breakthrough we follow the model of “students teaching students” because we believe that students are more excited about learning when they are paired with someone closer to their own age.

Are there field trips?

Over a Breakthrough summer we take many field trips.  During Art Walk we visit Canyon Road and do a scavenger hunt in a number of different art galleries.  On Career Day we visit various professionals in the Santa Fe community, such as veterinarians, lawyers, doctors, police officers, CSI investigators, artists and much more to see what they do every day.  And at the end of the summer we go on an overnight camping trip.

Why start in middle school?

Research shows that students who begin thinking about college in middle school are more likely to attend college.  Using this idea as our starting point, Breakthrough pairs college students with under-served middle school students in order to have them learning from someone who is doing what they will eventually do:  go to college!

How long does Breakthrough last?

Breakthrough doesn’t end after middle school.  We follow our students all through high school, helping them prepare for college until the end of their senior year.  All in all, it’s a 6-year commitment.