This January, our Executive Director, Allie Cooper, announced that she will be leaving Breakthrough Santa Fe this coming summer to pursue an advanced degree. A common Breakthrough idiom passed down through generations of directors is, “We’re building a better mousetrap.” If you spend enough time among Breakthrough staff, you’re bound to hear this uttered when someone has innovated an old way of doing things. Allie will certainly be able to walk away from her time at Breakthrough able to say that she helped Breakthrough “build a better mousetrap”—starting with her founding of the tutoring program in 2014 and running all the way to her thoughtful and joyful leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although her students, colleagues, and all who have worked with Allie are sad to see her go, we are also excited to see what she does next!

Breakthrough Santa Fe will be conducting a search this spring to hire the next Executive Director of Breakthrough Santa Fe. Marvin and Jordan will be continuing on in their current roles as program staff.

Here you can find Allie’s letter to our families.